New Pressure Cooker Menu at D’Lish

Hello friends! Today we would like to announce that in addition to our “d’lish”cious wraps and sandwiches, we’re adding hot items to our menu! As a restaurant that has always prized itself on serving health conscious meals and fast, this was a logical decision for us and something we think all of you will appreciate.

In our new menu, we’re featuring 5 main pressure cooker dishes: a traditional beef stew, seafood gumbo, vegetarian chili, chick pea soup, and spaghetti bolognese with our famous tomato sauce. All items are cooked fresh each day and you will be able to taste the freshness. With a pressure cooker, it’s easy to do since all the recipes cook in minutes.

We plan to change our pressure cooker menu often. That’s because we use only the freshest seasonal ingredients. Our ingredients are sourced locally and our chefs come up with new ideas. There will also be vegan-friendly options. The hot menu items will be available for lunch and dinner.

Last fall, we equipped our kitchen with some of the best rated pressure cookers as reviewed by other chefs – the Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers. Most of us want to cook and eat healthy. But time is always a constraint. That’s why we decided to buy pressure cookers for our restaurant. Not only do we want to provide our customers with healthy meals, we also want to show you that anyone can use a pressure cooker at home to cook meals.

The main difference between pressure cooking and traditional cooking is that pressure cooking is done in a pot that’s tightly sealed. This holds in pressure when the pot is boiling on the stove. As a result it also cooks food faster because the temperature is hotter inside a sealed pot than one where steam escapes.

You may be thinking that pressure cookers are only good for commercial purposes, but we want to urge you that most homes in Europe have them. In fact pressure cooking is one of the most common methods Europeans use to prepare meals. That’s also the secret to delicious meals. Remember the last time you visited. Why else does all the food in Europe taste so good?

That said, pressure cookers do range in price. You can find some for 50 bucks to 300 bucks. However, you must think of pressure cookers as an investment, not something you will replace in a few years. Pressure cookers are supposed to last you a lifetime so we only recommend getting a quality one which start at around 150 dollars. Go for one that has a thick base which tend to retain heat better. They should also have a mixture of aluminum and stainless steel in the base to both conduct and retain heat better. Quality pressure cookers should feel sturdy, not light.

If you’re looking for ways to cook delicious healthy meals fast, consider investing in a pressure cooker. Otherwise, we would love to invite you to D’Lish to try some of our new menu items!